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Leodis MatthewsIn life, there will be times that you will need someone to lean and depend on. Not because you can’t stand alone, but because life can be even much better, easier and happier when you have someone beside you. Someone that will help you with your ups and downs. It is said that we are created in this world to help other people. We need help, on the other hand we need to extend our help to others too.

Mr. Leodis matthews also has his companion or partners in order to achieve his goals in life. He had been working with the different law firms and render his good service with them. They are one of the reasons why he achieve the success he has today.

• Dacheng Law Firm

He had been working and continuing his practice of law together with the Dacheng Law Firm since February 2012 up to the present. Dacheng Law Offices is located at Greater Los Angeles Area. This firm specializes in Foreign Direct Investments, Corporate Law; International Transactions, including M & A; In-bound representation of Companies & Entities from China and other Asian Countries; Joint Ventures, Real Property Development & Complex Civil Litigation; and Regulatory & Agency Representatives.

• Leodis C. Matthews, APC

Leodis Matthews

Mr. Matthews worked here from March 2004 until January 2012 in Greater Los Angeles Area. Since 2004, he operated and managed as Leodis C. Matthews, APC. He continued his practice in litigation as a senior consultant and Counsel with the International Law firm of Dacheng Law Offices and international cross-border transactions and Matthews & Partners.

• He was the Senior Attorney on the Select Committee for the Investigation of John F. Kennedy
• The Special Attorney, US Department of Justice, Organized Crime and Racketeering Section
• Senior Trial Attorney, Commercial Litigation
• Assistant US Attorney, Southern District of California
• Honorary Consul and Head of Post, Western and Northwest United States, Consulate, Principality of Liechtenstein

From May 1991 to January 2004 he was able to represent clients in entertainment law, business ventures, commercial transactions, deal-making, procurement/contracts, federal administrative law, employment & business law, real estate, complex civil litigation and mergers/acquisitions. His partners will always be part of the success he has today. Leodis Matthews continues his legacy as a good lawyer and attorney up to the present. He is and will always be a good and efficient lawyer and attorney for many years to come because of his excellent performance.

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