Tom Carnevale and the Basement

Learn More About Tom Carnevale Here

Learn More About Tom Carnevale HereDid you know that the success of Tom Carnevale started at his father’s basement? Tom has dreamed of becoming a successful person and become the best when it comes to manufacturing surveillance cameras and other security systems, which will be beneficial in governmental, commercial and residential areas. And because of his persistence to become the best VMS (video management software) manufacturer, he grabbed the opportunity of working on Des Plains Public Works, Chicago Housing Authority and W Hotels.

As to the development of his company, he started to manage and operate it in the basement of his father. Tom tried and did everything just to make sure that sooner or later, it will grow and will be successful. From 2004-2007, his work consistently remain good and the installation of security systems started in Chicago. This is also the time when the small company in Tom became prominent and little by little achieved the goals set. When the Sentry 360 Security (Tom’s Company) became in-demand and it truly evolved into a more successful company, in 2008, they had new partners. Their partners are truly equipped with expertise in sensors, development backgrounds, embedded hardware engineering and algorithms.

Learn More About Tom Carnevale HereWhile giving much focus and enough attention in finding a niche and user experience, Tom is in the stage of preparing himself to embark on tour with innovative camera technology and the same time battling with harsh recession. The best thing he got from this is that, majority of the products offered by Sentry 360 are all made in the United States, which is then very beneficial to the company even today. With this, Tom became even more eager to share and impart his Made in USA products in the world. Along with decision is Tom’s hope that it will be helpful in the global market and to the consumers.

One of the goals of Sentry 360 Security is to produce a camera with the ability to meet all the open architecture specifications as well as the camera that can efficiently work with VMS. They also want to introduce and provide the global market with a product that consumes lower power, adopts H.264 standards, cost effective and meets form factor criteria.

Tom started his business when he is only 20 at his father’s basement and it truly influenced the security industry. When he reached 33, Sentry 360 is still leading in the security surveillance security and the is because of his commitment, dedication and trust to himself that he can turn his dreams into reality.

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