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Yahoo! News Search Results for life insurance
Yahoo! News Search Results for life insurance

Council continues debate over Morrison Business Park (Southlake Times)
The Southlake City Council approved the second reading of a zoning change and concept plan for Morrison Business Park, located at 2720 East SH 114 at Tuesday’s regular meeting.
The grouper catch (St. Petersburg Times)
It’s getting harder to get the Gulf’s signature fish on your plate. The grouper took the bait at 12:40 on a hot June afternoon. Carl Morgan was 80 miles from shore on his trusty Sundowner, hoping to catch enough fish to pay another month’s bills.
Are friends forever? (The Times of India)
Friendship is a wonderful bond, but post marriage the ties may change in the long run.
Vouchers Help Fund Addicts' Path to Recovery (RedNova)
By DIANA HEIL Program's future uncertain after three-year federal grant expires Vouchers: $1.4 million program grant runs out in a year Stephanie was an honor-roll student from a good family, she said, when that first blast of heroin filled her nostrils.
No down time for teens (Bastrop Daily Enterprise)
When I was 15 years old, I got a job at McDonald's. Not necessarily because I wanted extra spending money (which I did), but because I got three speeding tickets in three months. I had a little five-speed Celica that would flat out run.
Money Managers empire expanding (Stuff)
Doug Somers-Edgar has added two new pieces to his financial services empire which has Money Managers as its centre.
Sports Briefing (New York Times)
Track and Field.
Pickin' for pleasure in grand ol' Gwinnett (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)
In the country corners of Gwinnett County, ordinary people still get together every weekend to entertain themselves. This isn't a rural twist on "America's Got Talent" — though clearly many do. It's a fellowship of familiar tunes and faces. Call it the church of hand-me-down music, passed through generations from ear to ear.
What would you like to see downtown? (Columbus Telegram)
Downtown Columbus will never be the hub that it once was, but what would you suggest to make it a more vital place? -- Jim Dean, managing editor Share your thoughts here. Comments must meet community standards and not be inflammatory or libelous.
Canyoneering in Mexico tests adventurers' physical, emotional limits (San Ant...
I can't see the bottom of the black hole called the "Confidence Jump," but I know if I throw myself into the black abyss I might come out on the other side.

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